The Pink Vixen

Professional Digital Artist

A Journey to Discover Myself

I started drawing when I was fifteen years old. Art has always interested me and when my journey began, it was clear that this was no easy task. With so many brilliant creators and artists out there, it can be difficult not to compare oneself and this can impact motivation and self-confidence. What kept me going all these years? Passion, joy, community, and friendship. When I draw and create, I feel that spark of excitement in my chest that drives me to build on my skills, dig deeper, study, and improve. In today’s landscape, I found where I feel I belong. In the community of art, I have been and continue to be supported by those I have come to know as friends. As well as fulfilling commission work, I continue to use art to express and explore myself on a deeper level.


It's Not All About Art...

I am a Professional Digital Artist with over 7 years of experience. I specialize in Character Design, Anatomy, Figure Drawing, and Fully Rendered Digital Art, whilst being a savant in Storyboarding and Graphic Novel Creation. I graduated college with a 4.0 associate degree in Fine Art back in 2016 and loved every second of it. But there is more to me than just an artist.

Hi, I’m Kimberly. A proud B&T of the LGBTQ+ from Michigan. From a very young age, I have always been inspired by cartoons, animation, and video games. More succinctly, I love stories. I love to feel the artist’s expression of emotion, follow the linear path laid by the storyteller, and try to experience exactly what the game developer is trying to communicate through their gameplay and vision. A story is a world we create, where we can be and imagine whoever we choose. It is an escape from the mundanity of reality and its limiting restrictions of physics and genetics. One of my biggest dreams is to see my name in the credits on a bigger project – to feel a part of something bigger than myself that tells a story through a creative medium.

I have indeed faced challenges throughout my life. I was still a child when I learned that the world wasn’t exactly built with someone like myself in mind. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodiversity that I have lived with my whole life. While it has empowered my passions and helped me find a deeper joy in the things that I adore, it also comes with certain challenges when navigating today’s landscape. I continue to build ways to manage some of the more difficult elements and am proud of the huge progress I have made in my life to work with ADHD, rather than against it.

There is plenty more I could tell you about me, from being a dog-lover and my fondness for anthropomorphic characters, to my interests in philosophy and politics. But perhaps now is a good time to explore more of my art for yourself, through which, you can get to know me on a much deeper level.

TMI Tuesdays

Want to Know More?

Every Tuesday is a Too Much Information (TMI) Tuesday! Why not follow me on Social Media today and drop in any Tuesday and ask me pretty much anything? Failing that, you can find me and more of my art on FurAffinity. It’s always nice to chat and I promise I don’t bite.

Known in the community

Alias: Gamer 2

Hey! Some of you may already know me by a different name. I guess my passion for video games somehow fed into my artist life, huh? While it may be a dated handle, I still use it.