What I Will Draw

Do you have a piece in mind? Or perhaps you want to fully realize a character. No matter what you imagine, let’s talk! I’m happy to discuss your needs and see where it takes us. From Character Design to Landscapes, Book Covers to Reference Sheets. I’m excited to see what project comes next and turn your concept into a finished piece of digital art. Below you can find a breakdown of my skills, services, and prices. You can also fill out the form to get in contact today and we can arrange a chat.

Authentic Art Style

My journey has seen my style evolve over the years into what I believe is genuinely my own.

Recognisable & Developed

The nuances of my style are recognised throughout the community.

Dynamic Posing

One of my specialties is capturing the dynamics of a character in art. I strive to ensure each piece is captivating.

Movement Capture

As well as Dynamic Posing, I am very strong at capturing movement and expressing action and feeling with very little to no dialogue.

7+ Years Experience

I have been working professionally for over 7 years as a self-employed, digital artist.

Client Led

During my professional career, I mainly work directly with clients, ensuring strong communication and a polished finish.

Client Concepts

It's about translating the ideas and imagination of my client into something tangible.

Artistic License

Or you are welcome to grant me free reign, and I will let my imagination speak through my passion.

Why Choose Me?

As a Professional Digital Artist with over 7 years of experience, I specialize in Character Design, Anatomy, Figure Drawing & Fully Rendered Digital Art. With a 4.0 associate degree in Fine Art, I have worked to not only perform my craft but also study it closely and ensure accuracy, style, and visual flair. Drawing, designing, concepting, and creating are my passions.

Price List

Looking to get some art? Here’s a quick breakdown and example of some of my most popular commission requests. All Sketches will be cleaned up and lined. If you have any questions regarding any of these options, please don’t hesitate to ask. Otherwise, feel free to use the contact form below to request a commission, and we can continue the discussion over email to explore your needs.

Sketch - $55 (USD)

It all starts with a Sketch. Putting down those important lines and rough scribbles that define the contour of the character, which will be cleaned up after to leave solid definition.

Line Art - $75 (USD)

Building on top of a Sketch, I draw a fine black line and give the piece a more defined edge. Detail really starts to form and some block grey scaling may also be included.

Chibi - $55 (USD)

Now it really starts to stand out with laying down some solid colour. Defining the block areas and building up a saturated palette that may even be finished with light shading.

Fully Shaded - $125 (USD)

Now the art really comes to life with multi-layered, colour shading. This adds levels of darkened shadows and edge defining highlights that give the art dimension. (+$100 per additional character)

Backgrounds - (Quote on Demand)

Why not add a background? Whether simple or complex to help add context and visual appeal that compliments the subject. A strong addition to any piece.

Reference Sheet - $200 (USD)

Including a Front, Back and Outfit. With reference colours and character detail. I will create your character, developed for future art and more. (Additional cost for extra elements)

Request a Commission

Whatever your ideas or needs, I’m happy to chat and discuss the art that you want. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. All of your information is confidential and no art or concept is ever shared without your expressed permission.